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how to get through July

Our lives a series of corrections, design obscured

Dear friends,

It's all too much, isn't it? One key to writing a good poem is, rather than trying to encompass the whole of something in one little poem, to look at one tiny piece of it. And maybe that's how we get through life right now.

Milkweed, one day in June.

Bright morning shadows.

A face in the water.

Amazing march and rally organized by high school students in our town.

Poetry brings unexpected gifts to the writer. I hope you'll join me at an upcoming class (via Zoom). We'll be writing poems of quiet protest (sometimes the most potent) as part of my Yellow Arrow series (new students welcome) on July 11.

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Howja like todo gobbsa

writing after our demise?

999+ oemnillionsObooks,

999+ oemnillionsOyears,

999+ oemnillionsOdesires?

yooNeye definately can;

we can do anything and

everythn VanGogh's 'starry sky'.

Here's how, miss gorgeous:

● ●

Cya soon.

-the resi/dude

Replying to

You're everything to me;

you're everything to God:

● ●

Though I seem odd,

7thHeaven's odd, 2,

where we can be 1.

Coming, dear??

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