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Both Sue Eisenfeld and Emily Decker have poems in the most recent issue of Full Bleed, responding to works in the current Materials exhibit at the Philips Collection.

Clem Hendricson's poem, "Dry," won a 
commendation and will be published in a book. The competition was run by the Kent and Sussex Poetry Society which was set up in 1946 by Vita Sackville West. 

Maggie Flaherty WON the Bethesda Poetry Prize and will read her winning poem March 9 at the Writer's Center.

Kitty Davis has just published her first poems in Gargoyle Online.

Fran Abrams has a full-length collection published by Atmosphere Press, I Rode the Second Wave, now available in bookstores.

Please read Eileen Toomey's poem, "At the Sip and Save, 1978" in Oyster River Pages. Some of us had the good luck of workshopping it with her.

Madaleine Sorkin will have a poem in the next issue of "The Alpinist," an archival-quality quarterly for the rock-climbing community nation-wide.

Read Maggie Flaherty's poem "Tacoma" here on Yellow Arrow's new Vignette's site.

Clem Henricson's "Bird Crash" is forthcoming in the summer '22 issue of Slipstream.
Kay White won 3rd Prize in the Eastern Shore Writer's Assoc. poetry contest with "Triptych," a poem she workshopped in one of our ongoing Tuesday poetry groups. She has a poem and and essay in Intima, a journal of narrative medicine. 

Kay Newhouse's poem "Abbracciame," is included as the closing poem in The COVID Verses, from Paddler Press. She shares it on her Facebook page here. It's a joyful experience for me to see the poems begun in workshops make their way through revision to print.

John Heath made the long list for the Fish Poetry prize, judged by Billy Collins, meaning his poem was in the top 11% of over 2000 poems. (2nd try. Persistence pays).
Patrick Gibson is a double-winner in a contest sponsored by the Detroit Writing Room and his winning poem and flash fiction will be published in Detroit Voices. He also has a poem (which began in one of our classes) published in Peninsula Poets.
Fran Abrams has 2 poems coming out in anthologies: "Do Not Throw Fish" in Maryland Bards Poetry Review and "For the People of Ukraine" in Support Ukraine, available after May 1 from Moonstone.
read Sue Eisenfeld's fantastic (and first published) poem, "Grandmother" in "Poets Reading the News"
Melanie Choukas-Bradley has had a number of poems published on "Writing in a Woman's Voice" and recently won the Moon Prize ($$!) Search Bradley on the site to read them all.
Fran Abrams and Sharon Neubauer have both had chapbooks accepted by Finishing Line Press! More on those to follow.
Kay Newhouse had a poem go from workshop to publication in about a week! Here is is, on The New Verse News. Kay also has a poem in the most recent issue of "Wildfire." She shares it here. 
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