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Here are links to some of my published poems, or the journals in which they appear.

All-Soul's Eve - Anima (UK) (Print) 

Early Morning Mind - Haibun Today

Fragile Beauty - Haibun Today

Ma - Beechwood Review - nominated for a Pushcart Prize

Open Window - The Ekphrastic Review

Mother's Day, 2014 - Anima (UK) (Print)

so much - Snapdragon: a Journal of Art and Healing

Three Years after my Father's Final Deployment to the Gulf of Tonkin -

To the girl testifying about her assault at St. Paul's - part of the anthology Red Sky: Poetry on the Global Epidemic of      Violence against Women

To the Waxed Red Delicious at My Local King Soopers - Little Patuxent Review

translation of "Lot's Wife" by Akhmatova, done in collaboration with my mother-in-law, Rena Shugaevsky - Beechwood Review

Watercolor - Potomac Review (Print)June 2017, Issue 60

Antiphon: Catonsville Nine, A Soldier -

Navy Junior -

To Be Opened - Little Patuxent Review (print)

View from My Porch - Haibun Today

Dream Lagoon - Broadkill Review - nominated for a Pushcart Prize

The Glass of Wine - The Ekphrastic Review

Tritina for my grandmother - Yellow Arrow Journal Vol. 4, No. 1, Doubt (print or e-book)

In the Nursing Home - Yellow Arrow Journal Vol. 4, No. 2, Freedom (print or e-book)

Procession - Potomac Review (Print) December 2019, Issue 65

On Learning of Your Diagnosis, and Ode to Weeds - Poet Lore, vol. 115, Spring 2022

Winter Dream and Time Portrait - Bourgeon

Two Photographs - Broadkill Review

Connecticut Avenue - Potomac Review (Print) December 2022, Issue 71

Roseate Spoonbill - MacQueen's Quinterly

Orchard in Blossom (Apricot Trees) - MacQueen's Quinterly

Steinway - MacQueen's Quinterly

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