Your Life is a Poem with Ann Quinn

Baltimore County Arts Guild

Tuesday nights, beginning Sept. 23


Thursday afternoons, beginning Sept. 25

6 weeks, $150


Writing is an act of exploration—of something ordinary—a dog, an egg, autumn—or something extraordinary—your life. In this workshop, appropriate for writers at all levels of experience, award-winning poet Ann Quinn will help you use the tools of lyric poetry to express your experience and to deepen your observational skills. We will examine a variety of contemporary lyric poems and use fun generative exercises to hone the craft of writing our own poems. There will be opportunities to critique one another’s work in positive and constructive ways. Join us today in this exploration of the transformative power of poetry.


“Ann uses objects, the written works of others, concepts and ideas to stimulate thought and written expression. This allows the writers in her groups to reveal themselves, their experiences and their relationships through common themes. In so doing, they cast light on the dark spaces and bring context to the worlds in which they have lived, and are living now.”

—Char B., current writing student

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