Writing Your Life

Baltimore County Arts Guild

Wednesdays, 1-2:30 pm

February 26-March 15

8 weeks, $200


Writing is an act of exploration—of something ordinary—a dog, an egg, autumn—or something extraordinary—your life. In this workshop, appropriate for writers at all levels of experience, award-winning poet Ann Quinn will help you use the tools of lyric poetry to express your experience and to deepen your observational skills. We will examine a variety of contemporary lyric poems and use fun generative exercises to hone the craft of writing our own poems. There will be opportunities to critique one another’s work in positive and constructive ways. Join us today in this exploration of the transformative power of poetry.


“Ann uses objects, the written works of others, concepts and ideas to stimulate thought and written expression. This allows the writers in her groups to reveal themselves, their experiences and their relationships through common themes. In so doing, they cast light on the dark spaces and bring context to the worlds in which they have lived, and are living now.”

—Char B., current writing student

Ekphrasis -- Writing about Art

Saturday, Feb. 29, 2-4 pm, $20

What can you learn about art and about yourself through close observation and description? Let’s find out! In this two hour workshop, intended for artists, writers, and community members fascinated by art, we will learn how to use the art in the current exhibition to inspire our own creative writing. Bring pen, paper, and your open mind.

A Year in Poetry

First Saturday of each month, beginning March 7

at Yellow Arrow House

335 S Conkling, Baltimore, MD 21224

Writing poems is discovery on paper, and good poems surprise and delight the poet as much as anyone. In this workshop, designed for both new and experienced friends of poetry, you will try on a variety of styles and forms as your own poetic voice evolves. Participants will use journaling and close reading of inspiring poems as starting points for their own work, both in and out of class. The goal is for you to come away from the class with a portfolio of favorite poems — poems discovered in reading, discovered in writing.

While a year-long commitment is encouraged, you may also sign up for individual classes throughout the year.

Finding Your Poetic Voice

6 Tuesdays between March 3 and April 14, 10:30 am - 1 pm

at The Writer's Center

4508 Walsh Street 
Bethesda, MD 20815

big things in small packages

Short poems can reverberate in the mind and memory like a pebble dropped in a lake. Let’s look at some powerful short poems together to come up with strategies for writing our own little gems, and then write them! This workshop is appropriate for both experienced poets and for intrigued people who aren’t poets yet.

offered through MoonlitDC at Bird in Hand in Baltimore

April 14, 6:30-8:30 (more info coming soon)

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