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Upcoming Classes and Readings

Poetry is Life

First Saturday of each month, 10-12 pm EST

offered by Yellow Arrow Publishing, supporting women writers worldwide

currently on Zoom--join from anywhere!

Very limited openings--our next year-long session begins March 5.

Finding Your Poetic Voice

6 Thursdays, 10-12:30

Jan. 19 - Mar. 2

offered through the Writer’s Center, on Zoom


This might be considered a back-to-basics class, appropriate for any level, using Mary Oliver’s book as a jumping off point for exploration and discussion. The class includes one workshop session, and lots of chances to write and share.

About me: I came to poetry suddenly, specifically, at age 46 (and now I'm 58). Of course everything was leading to it—my decades studying music, my lifetime of voracious reading, along with my pursuit of consciousness through meditation and yoga—it all snapped into place. Within seven years of beginning, I had my MFA and a book and had begun teaching adults, children and teens the craft of writing.


There is nothing like the feeling of a poem being born into the world through your own hands, but as satisfying for me is the joy of seeing a poem come to the world through one of my student’s hands. The world comes a little more clearly into focus the more we look at it together through the lens of poetry. I hope that you will join me in this venture.



In Japan, Ma is the essential space of nothingness—the empty, the void.


I’ve been thinking about the in-between

places lately like the space between

words and the silence between notes

the summer between school years

the nights between days and how

essential the in-betweens are and what

I’m wondering is if death is the in-between

space or if life is

Poetry Kaleidoscope

6 Thursdays, 10 - 12:30

March 9 - April 20 (no class Apr. 6)

offered through the Writer’s Center, on Zoom

Use this class to get out of your rut and try something completely different—we’ll use both new and classic forms and techniques to shake up what you know and find beautiful new patterns.

Poetry is Life

Click above to link to my Feb. 8 blog about how this book came about. You'll also find links to purchase the book and to our interactive reading for this interactive book for writers and lovers of poetry. (You'll need to scroll down through some other great Yellow Arrow blogs to get to Feb. 8)

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